Paschendale Sports Club

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This page is dedicated to all the men and women that have completed a tour of duty under the flag of Paschendale and are no longer with us

See my spirit on the wind
Across the lines, beyond the hill
Friend and foe will meet again
Those who died at Paschendale

                                                          Iron Maiden - Paschendale

The Fallen

Ade Forte

Ade Ward

Al McNaught

Andy Hunt

Andy Young

Ant Ellis

Ashley Bentley

Ben Lawrence

Ben Swain

Carl Bakewell

Chris Donnelly

Darren Redmond

Damon Priddey

Dan Lines

Dave Appleyard

Dave Cunneen

Dean Jones

Dean Mcdonnell

Dennis Hussey

Ibby Malik

Jack Crawford

Jermaine Gregory

Jim Hendry

Joe Tibbets

Jon Browning

Jon Williams

Jordan Strevens

Kieran Cook

Kieran Rogers

Lee Williams

Luke Stanley

Mark Stephens

Mark Townson

Matt Jordan

Mitchell Mansfield

Pete Montague

Richard Oldnall

Russell Smith

Sam Homer

Sean Halpin

Sean Tabberner

Simon Gibbs

Stu Telford

Tom King

Will Wright